Privacy Scmivacy: Our Bi-Weekly Political Roundup

Two weeks ago in this space we opined that the current crop of Washington scandals isn’t really so scandalous. And judging by the amount of coverage that they’re getting in the press this week, we were right. The AP, Benghazi, the IRS, these are all now officially old news. They’ve become something that, if it’s […]

The Scandal, My Friend, is Blowin’ in the Wind: Our Bi-Weekly Political Roundup

So, your Chop might just be the only person in America who is of this opinion, but if you ask us there aren’t any serious scandals going on in Washington right now. Sure, there are “scandals” but they really amount to little more than business as usual. We fail to see how Benghazi, the IRS […]

2012 Election Predictions

We think Obama’s going to win. That’s not really a shocker coming from a decidedly liberal blog in a decidedly liberal city. We think Obama will win in a walk and that’s always been our opinion, since even before the GOP primaries. There was never even a time when we were even a little bit […]

MD Ballot Questions: Our Bi-Weekly Political Roundup

Today’s the second Wednesday of the month, which means of course that it’s time once again for Drinking Liberally. Except that there is no Drinking Liberally this week because the VP debate is tomorrow night. Meetings will resume in two weeks though. They start at 7pm and run until we’ve solved all the world’s problems, […]

Godspeed You! Black Emperor @ Ram’s Head Live Tonight

We kind of have mixed feelings about Godspeed You Black Emperor here at the Baltimore Chop. They’re a band that’s always had a lot of vision and integrity and has been unique every step of the way, defying comparison to other bands in an age where you are the sum of your culture. On the […]