• A Reference Guide to Baltimore Rowhouse Types

    Which kind do you live in?

  • Baltimore’s Cyclist Assaults are Motivated by Race, Class

    Two weeks ago we wrote at length about Baltimore’s neighborhoods and their racial and class divides. The lines between neighborhoods, and between black and white are very finely drawn and are as old as our city itself.

  • Guided by History: Race, Class and Neighborhood Choice in Baltimore City

    Disclaimer: This post talks about race and racial issues and might make some readers uncomfortable. If you have fixed ideas about race and class that you don’t like to have challenged you may want to click away now.

  • A Guide to Non-Downtown Hotels in Baltimore

    So you’re planning a trip to Baltimore and you’re wondering where to stay. For the vast majority of the city’s visitors who are coming to the convention center or the ballparks or the Inner Harbor a downtown hotel is fine.

  • A Modest Food Truck Proposal

    A great opportunity for the city and its trucks.

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