Baltimore Pizza Power Rankings

We’ve been thinking a lot about pizza lately. That’s probably because we haven’t been eating very much of it. Ever since we decided to join a gym our level of pizza consumption is at an all time low, down to barely once a month. So when we are having a few slices we want to […]

The Chop Joins a Gym

Yes Baltimore, it’s true. We can hardly believe it either. This weekend your Chop submitted to one of the final and most overt symptoms of adulthood. On top of paying a mortgage and actively pursuing an 800 credit score and doing yard work and playing golf we’ve gone and joined a gym. It’s like we […]

Guide to Baltimore iPhone Apps, Part II

In last Wednesday’s post, we highlighted ten of the best Baltimore-related apps for the iPhone. There were a lot of must-have offerings from developers as diverse as the Ravens, Wham City, WYPR, and of course, yours truly. Today though we’re going to dig even deeper into the App Store. Today’s offerings are a little more […]