Orioles Fan-Designed T-Shirt Contest

We’ve already had our say about how to dress at the ballpark, and you may recall that we heartily endorse freebie t-shirts and have accumulated quite a collection over the years. We’re not shy about rocking a Mora or Huff shirt anywhere around town, although we still regret being out of town for Wei-Yin Chen […]

Super Sam Fuld Cape Day @ Tropicana Field

The Chop is not the type of baseball fan who needs a bunch of cheap gimmicks to get us in the gate. Cheap beer would be nice, but cheap gimmicks are totally unnecessary. Sure, we’ve got more than our share of Orioles T-shirts, and we might be more likely to show up if we know […]

Vuvuzela Giveaway Night @ Camden Yards: Make it Happen, Baltimore!

Tonight the Chop and all of Baltimore welcome back the Orioles to our fair city after a long and disgraceful road trip. Well, it wasn’t that long, but it was plenty disgraceful. The Birds played horribly and continued to look like a collection of amateurs who not only are not a team in any proper […]