Some Background on WNUF and the 1987 Halloween Special

Typically speaking, Marylanders are the type of people who focus on the positive. But the flip side of that coin is that for better or worse our skeletons tend to stay buried deeply in our collective closet. Especially here in the Baltimore area, we often like to think of ourselves as a thoroughly modern and […]

Netflix Queue Review: October 2013

Now that October is (almost) here Fall is definitely upon us. The days are now getting shorter daylight-wise and the nights are beginning to turn chilly. And alas, with the end of baseball season we’ve got 3 hours or more to fill every night until Opening Day. If you’re like the Chop, you’re going to […]

TV Party Tonight

Around the Chophouse we don’t typically do a lot of TV watching. At least, not a lot of prime-time TV watching. We like to watch the O’s of course, and more than a healthy dose of MSNBC although that’s mostly just background noise. Other than that we like a little Comedy Central before bed but […]