Tomorrow: Title Tracks, Sick Sick Birds @ Metro Gallery

It’s always a weird feeling when a holiday isn’t on or book-ending a weekend. It’s like a stutter-step, with most people not knowing whether they should be in full on weekend party mode or not. It’s also hard to know what’s open or closed, and of the things that are open most everybody wishes they […]

Lemuria, War on Women @ Metro Gallery Tonight

Baltimore can be a strange place on a long holiday weekend. The normal pace of city life pauses. People quit showing up to work if they possibly can and head out to the beach or to family reunions or weddings or whatever it is people do when they’re not in Baltimore. And in recent years […]

Tomorrow: Sick Sick Birds, ADULTS @ Metro Gallery

When you get older, you get a little wiser. At this very minute there are thousands of kids in their early 20’s texting and tweeting and Facebooking all over the city of Baltimore saying “Dude, what’s going on this weekend? Anything? House party this and dance party that and lay em down and smack em […]

A Week’s Worth of Things to do… Tonight!

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Awesome Saturday Again in Baltimore Tonight

We’ve talked before on this blog about the Baltimore phenomenon we’ve taken to calling Awesome Saturday. The movers and shakers and event planners in this town who plan things in advance all seem to zero in on the last Saturday of the month to book the really cool stuff, and at least 3 great events […]