Tomorrow: Deep Sleep, Vaz and More @ Golden West

You want to go to the Golden West tomorrow. Don’t argue, you know you do. How could you not? It isn’t very often that you get four bands good enough to headline their own shows playing together without being at a giant festival or something but tonight that’s exactly what’s happening. It’s one of those […]

Terrible Feelings @ Golden West Tonight

Terrible Feelings is a band. They’re from Sweden. This is what we imagine they look like when they play live. They sound like a cross between The Vicious and Siouxsie and the Banshees. They sound like this: There are more songs on their Soundcloud page. They’re playing with Highway Cross and Paper Dragons, who are […]

Cheap Girls, Crimes @ Golden West Tonight

It used to be hard to discover new music. Back when underground music was, um, underground- hell, back when you could use the term ‘underground music’ without sounding like someone’s dad it took a lot to discover music that wasn’t on the radio. It usually involved knowing someone who was cooler than you were, stocking […]

Those Darlins @ Golden West Tonight

So, we guess we gotta go see Those Darlins tomorrow. We haven’t really got much choice in the matter. The show’s not gonna watch itself, as they say. It was a lot easier to stay home the last time they played at the Golden West. It wasn’t even that long ago- March 31 to be […]

Deleted Scenes, The Life and Times @ Golden West Tonight

As Walter Sobchak once said: “Life does not stop and start at your convenience you miserable piece of shit.” Such is the case tonight when the Deleted Scenes show will start sometime after 10 whether it’s convenient for you or us or the rest of Baltimore or not. And for most people, we’re guessing that […]