Pictures from Duluth

Our recent travels brought us to Duluth, Minnesota and the city just across the river, Superior, Wisconsin. What’s Duluth like? It’s nice enough. It’s a very pleasant place, if not the most thrilling city on earth. There’s a waterfront park which is popular among the locals. You can watch the bridge raise and lower itself […]

Women on Bicycles

So, we’re two weeks home from our latest trip abroad; a trip where we lived and worked in close proximity to a bunch of men and no women. Right before that, we made another trip to the Middle East likewise with no women around at all. We’re home now though, and as luck would have […]

Pictures of Jerusalem

We didn’t get to do a ton of sightseeing on this trip. We work 7 days a week when we’re away, and only get out and about occasionally, and for just a few hours at a time. Before we came home though, we did get a full day to do nothing but touristy stuff in […]