Pictures From Detroit

And just like that we’re back.

We’ve spent the last two months working up in Minnesota and Michigan. We were pretty busy that whole time, and didn’t get to carve out much time at all for recreation, but thanks to the magic of DirectTV we were at least able to keep up with the Orioles. And thank Baseball Jesus for that. If we had been over in Abu Dhabi or some damn place we would have missed the first appearance of any sort of genuine Orioles Magic in 15 years.

We’re glad to be back in time to catch the last few games of the season, and while we’ve managed to secure our ALDS tickets, as of now we’re SOL on the wild card game. If you have spare wild card game tickets, please send us an email. We’re interested.

In the meantime, enjoy these Instagram pictures we took while we were away.



GM Headquarters


Ambassador Bridge

Windsor, Ontario

Detroit's Exurban Sprawl

Ship Sailing at Sunrise

Lighthouse, Lake Huron