Puerto Rico Flowers, Pfisters @ Talking Head Stage Tonight

The astute among you will quickly notice that the shape of the graphic below is not Puerto Rico, but is in fact Australia. It’s Australia because that’s where John Sharkey III fucked off to after Clockcleaner. Sharkey returns to the US tonight with his new project Puerto Rico Flowers for their only 2010 US date […]

Charm City Roller Girls Championship and Awesome Saturday Tonight in Baltimore

We’ve noticed something peculiar these last few months. Here at the Baltimore Chop, we keep track of local happenings and events pretty closely, and it seems to us that a pattern is beginning to emerge. Much as each week has a social ebb and flow to it, so do the months. And for the last […]

Pfisters, the Wayward @ Ruintown Tonight

Hey Baltimore, you can keep your fancy festivals and super exclusive microshows. Give us a good old fashioned DIY show any night of the week. In fact, give us one every night of the week. We had such a great time at Floristree last night, we’re heading right back out to Ruintown tonight. If you’re […]