The Couch Chronicles, Volume VIII

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When we entered the Test it, Blog it, Win it contest a few months ago, it was a great opportunity for us not only to ‘test drive’ a brand new sofa, but also to fill a whole living room full of custom furniture from Su Casa.

A couple of weeks ago we took delivery of our brand new handmade wool rug, which we posted about in detail. We’ve been loving it so far, although it’s been pretty lonely lying on the floor by itself. Fortunately, it’s now got some company.

Su Casa and their sister store Pad offer absolutely free delivery on everything they sell, and they haven’t been shy about sending the truck around multiple times as the items in our order become available. We weren’t expecting any of our furniture to be ready until at least the end of this month, but last week the call came that our pair of Highland chairs was ready for delivery.

We’ve got to hand it to the Su Casa delivery team. They were real pros, showing up right on time and getting to work so fast we barely had time to snap these pictures. They cut off all that packing material right there by the truck, so that stuff never even made it inside. They asked us exactly where we wanted them placed, and if our pieces had required any assembly they would have done that too.

Before they left, they made absolutely sure that we were happy with how the chairs looked. It can be really difficult to imagine an 8″ fabric swatch covering an entire piece of furniture, so Su Casa actually allows its customers to make returns for any reason at all… including “Aw shucks, it just doesn’t look as good as I thought it would.”

Our new pair of chairs.

This is the current state of our living room. The chairs look great matched with our rug, as well as some pillows and curtains we picked up along the way. You can even see here the DIY floor vase project that we posted about last week.

(Careful observers will note the fuzzy feet on the bottom. These chairs actually came with some decorative steel footers which we removed immediately. The felt pads we installed in their place are much too thick, so we’re only using them temporarily until we can pick up some thinner ones that will cut to size more easily and remain invisible.)

Highland chair

Deep seats and rolling arms: every bit as comfortable as it looks.

These armchairs are every bit as comfortable as they are beautiful, but perhaps our favorite aspect of these pieces is what you can’t see so apparently, at least not in the pictures. These things are solid wood, and right under the cushion they sport a Made in the USA label.

We did a hell of a lot of shopping around before we were ready to buy, and take our word for it: it’s damned difficult to find a chair anywhere that’s made in the US for less than a thousand dollars. Rowe and the the other lines carried at Su Casa guarantee top-quality pieces, and after buying two of them we’ve got around $900 left over from what similar pieces would have cost elsewhere.

Can't decide which one we like better.

Since one of our design inspirations for this room was menswear, we opted for this classic herringbone tweed, which can be seen in a close-up shot here. The gray will closely complement our sofa, although we had scores of fabrics to choose from. In fact, this particular chair was even featured in a piece about color-matching in the March issue of Better Homes and Gardens. We can only follow that to its logical end and conclude that thanks to Su Casa, the Chophouse officially qualifies as Better.

highland chairs

Classic, but not old-fashioned.

So that’s where we stand this week. We can hardly wait for our sofa to be delivered and to finish out the room, but we’re really pleased with how it’s coming along so far. What do you all think? How would you bring it along from here? Are there any particular colors or small accent pieces we should add to the mix? Is there something in your living room that you couldn’t live without? Let us hear about it in the comments!