Pee Wee’s Big Adventure @ Landmark Harbor East Tonight

It’s that time of year (okay, it’s all year) when all of your Facebook friends are all like “Hey guys, guys, you guys! I’m doing ______ for the ______ this year here’s my donation page pony up it won’t kill you! They’re all very well intentioned but maybe they don’t realize that everyone is running for awareness and blogging for dollars and Kickstarting Indiegogos and selling Girl Scout Cookies. And it all adds up to a fatigue with the Charity Industrial Complex.

But we wanted to take a second to highlight a couple of Ride For the Feast fundraisers going on this week that are going to be really fun events and offer not only a way to chip in for a good cause but a lot of bang for your entertainment buck.

The first is a screening of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure in Harbor East tonight at 6:30. $20 gets you a couple of cocktails at the pre-show reception and covers your ticket, and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure is not only a hilarious classic comedy that’s fun for all ages but is also a bike-centric movie. Here is the Facebook Event Page.

Also tomorrow Woodberry’s Union Brewing will be holding a Brew for the Feast party to benefit one of the riding teams. Tickets to that are also $20 (not sure what all’s included) and the 4 hour event features some top notch food, tasty beers and gorgeous Spring weather. If you’ve never been to an event at Union you should go to one ASAP, and if you have been to one you know it’s impossible not to have a good time there. Here’s the link for tickets.