Opening Day @ Camden Yards Today

Well it’s Opening Day once again in Baltimore. Is the Chop on the way down to Camden Yards? Hell no. We sold our tickets for beaucoup bucks, about 2/3 the price of our entire season plan. Besides, it’s 35 degrees and raining as we write this. We’ll probably stay home where it’s warm and dry and go HAM on a case of National Premium and some tofu dogs. maybe see a game Wednesday or Thursday.

For the record we’re picking the Orioles to win 99 games and the AL East this year. It’s been a great Spring and the Yankees and Red Sox aren’t as strong as they’ve been in the past, Sox’ World Series rings notwithstanding.

Here is your traditional Opening Day viewing of Manager’s Corner, and as a bonus this year we’re throwing in Earl chewing our umpire Bill Haller, along with Tommy Lasorda talking shit about Kurt Bevacqua and then beating up the Phillie Phanatic. Enjoy…