Pricing Artwork @ Creative Alliance Today

You know Minas, right? If you’ve got anything to do with anything in the arts in Baltimore, you should. If you don’t, he was profiled over at What Weekly recently. Making a go of a small gallery is no easy task, and to remain successful after more than 30 years is proof enough that Minas knows a thing or two about selling artwork.

If you’re an artist who’s hoping to sell work, or sell more work, it would behoove you to get down to the Creative Alliance today at 3:00 for a workshop on the topic of pricing artwork. It’s $45, but that’s a mere drop in the bucket when compared with possible increased sales.

Because let’s face it: most local artists are completely clueless about what their work is worth. Some are too lazy to even frame works properly. To the prospective buyer the gallery’s cut is not a consideration. Nor are the artist’s rent and student loans. Most buyers locally don’t even care much for an artist’s name or career history. For better or worse Baltimore is very much a Will-This-Look-Good-Over-My-Sofa kind of town when it comes to the art market. Why do you think Robert McClintock outsells every other artist by a wide margin?

Just this weekend we dropped by an opening at Gallery 788 and saw two pieces we admired very much hanging side by side. One was underpriced by about $200 and had already sold in just a few hours. The other was something we’d have considered investing in, but unfortunately it was (in our estimation) overpriced by about $700. We hope that Minas’ workshop sells out, and that CA won’t hesitate to hold this workshop on an annual or semi-annual basis in the future. The Baltimore art market would be well served if they did.

(Feature image via Creative Alliance’s Website)