Posters By Alex Fine, Post Typography On View/Sale

Perhaps, unlike the Chop, you are not a cheap and selfish bastard. Perhaps you don’t just get a Christmas gift for your mom and girlfriend and call it a day. Perhaps you are generous enough to buy reasonably priced holiday gifts for some of your punk rock friends as well and will soon be in the market for same.

Or maybe you just moved into a new place and need some cool shit for your walls.

And it could even be that you’re an obsessive nerd of a record collector who can’t get enough of things like old set lists, tour t-shirts and show posters. Especially posters.


Well you’re in luck because two of Baltimore’s preeminent artists working in the realm of punk show posters are about to open their archives of work over the last ten years and beyond.

Tonight illustrator Alex Fine comes to Gallery 788 with a collection of upwards of 200 posters. You’re likely already very familiar with Alex’s work having seen it regularly in the City Paper and the B daily among others. You may have even seen a poster or two on this blog on the days of shows we’ve written about. If you need a refresher check his portfolio available online.

Select screen prints will be available, and if you haven’t had a chance to see the new location of Gallery 788 yet tonight is an outstanding opportunity to check it out. It’s an outstanding space and the gallery’s fifth annual erotic art show will be on view concurrently.


On Saturday, December 7 (a day that will live in infamy) the work of Fine’s Pure Junk bandmate Nolen Strals and his partner Bruce Willen will be available for show and sale at the Charles North studio of their firm Post Typography. Located at number 3 West 23rd St, the open studio will include some of Post Typography’s greatest hits poster-wise, as well as their books and some pretty choice out-of-print Double Dagger merch like vinyl and T-shirts.

The event runs from noon- 5:00 pm. Don’t be a sucker… bring cash and show up early. There’s going to be something you want here and if you fuck around and wait until 4 pm someone else is going to come in and buy it before you.