Celebrated Summer Records’ 7 Year Anniversary Show @ Ottobar Tonight

Tony Pence, we salute you. Aside from being an excellent friend, an outstanding hardcore/punk singer, and an all around admirable human being you are also a top-notch record merchant. We’re stoked to see it’s been seven years now, and we’d show up for any show you booked to celebrate. But as it turns out you’re […]

Tonight’s Oblivians Show is Postponed Until October 2

Due to a death in the family, the Oblivians announced recently via their Facebook page that they will be re-scheduling their tour dates for Baltimore and Brooklyn. According to the Unregistered Nurse Tumblr the new date for Baltimore is October 2, at which time all tickets for tonight’s show will be honored. To clarify, the […]

Parquet Courts, Sal Bando @ Ottobar Tonight

Like most people over 30, the Chop has a very certain and specific taste in music. We know exactly what we like and recognize it when we hear it. Now, we could do what most of our parents’ generation does and just put it on cruise control and listen to Pavement and the Vaselines and […]

Pianos Become the Teeth @ Ottobar Tonight

A few months ago your Chop was drinking in a pub in England when we kinda sorta inadvertently but not really but whatever started an Internet teapot tempest talking shit on Twitter. We talk a lot of shit, sure. But we also want to be certain we give credit where credit is due and right […]

Dave Tedder’s Memorial @ 2640 Space/Ottobar Today

Dave Tedder died suddenly last week. While I wasn’t especially close to Tedder, I’ve known him for more than half my life at this point. I’m sad to see him go. I always expected Tedder would be off for good someday, but not like this. He was a dude you naturally assumed would end up […]