Everybody at the US Open Needs a Haircut

As you all know by now the Chop is a Baseball Man. And baseball kept us plenty busy this weekend, watching several games and playing catch with Dad at Oriole Park for Fathers’ Day. But after we returned home from what really was a special, memorable, and very well-run event at Camden Yards we had […]

The Chop Has a Catch With Dad

This Sunday is Fathers’ Day. Our Dad has always been a little tough to shop for. He’s the sort that’s pretty well set in his ways and has everything he needs, and besides, he’s such a great dad that no mere gift can adequately express our love and gratitude. So we usually just end up […]

The Perfect Fathers Day Gifts at the Quinntessential Gentleman

In the heated, noisy, and sometimes treacherous downtown streets, the Quinntessential Gentleman is nothing less than an oasis. The shock of comfort and relief a man feels when crossing their threshold is much the same as what the desert wayfarer feels encountering the shady stream or the drifting sailor feels upon washing up on the […]