The Chop Approves of the Friendly Wager

We’ve got a case of the Mondays today. We don’t really feel like going anywhere and or doing anything the least bit trying or even writing this blog post. And the Mondays are especially bad this week, since this past weekend was probably one of the best we’ve ever spent, at least in recent memory. […]

The Places We’ve Never Been

An unusual turn in our daily schedule had us heading uptown in the early afternoon yesterday, and it finally afforded us a chance to grab lunch at Land of Kush. It was pretty good, by the way. Good vegan food and big portions of it for reasonable prices. It was very much like the Yabba […]


With the whole Derecho Debacle and the Fourth of July falling on a Wednesday, this week has turned into pretty much a nine day weekend for a lot of folks. Even if you weren’t lucky enough to get 9 days off, it’s a good bet you’re slacking pretty hard this week and taking at least […]

25 Free Downloadable Punk Rock Ringtones

So here’s what happened: 2 years ago Blackberry was still a viable company and hadn’t decided to roll itself off a cliff yet. It had just released the Torch, and we bought one, and never really liked it much. Once our 2 year contract was up we practically ran to Best Buy, where we were […]