25 Free Downloadable Punk Rock Ringtones

So here’s what happened: 2 years ago Blackberry was still a viable company and hadn’t decided to roll itself off a cliff yet. It had just released the Torch, and we bought one, and never really liked it much.

Once our 2 year contract was up we practically ran to Best Buy, where we were able to trade our POS Blackberry for a shiny new iPhone 4. Incidentally, Best Buy is a great place to buy a phone- far better than going to your carrier’s store. They gave us a $55 giftcard for our old phone, and let us put our new $49 iPhone 4 on the same card, so we walked out with a free phone and a $2 giftcard after tax, and all it cost us was a crummy old Blackberry.

Once we got it home and began the process of setting it up, we realized we were going to need a new ringtone.phones

But here’s the thing… We weren’t keen on getting nickel and dimed to death in the app store when we’ve already got hundreds of suitable songs in our iTunes. We decided to make our own ringtone, goddamn it.

So we Googled it and learned how to do it and now it’s done. But what we found out was that the whole process is an oddly fascinating way to waste time. It reminded us very much of the care and attention it used to take to make mix tapes back in the 80’s and 90’s. Everything from selecting the right song to picking the start/stop times to making sure it loops together requires you to interact with your music and pay attention to detail in a way you never would otherwise.

So we went through iTunes alphabetically and made way more than we could use, and now we figure we’ll give them away on the blog. The songs below aren’t full songs, they’re clips ranging from 10 to 40 seconds designed to loop into themselves. You can play each one by clicking it, and download the ones you want by right clicking and selecting ‘save link as.’ The first batch is 25. If anyone gives a shit, maybe we’ll make more in the future.

Important: WordPress doesn’t allow .m4r (ringtone) files to be uploaded, so we had to change all of these back to mp3 to upload them here. If you want to download any of these, you need to change the file extension back to .m4r after you save them according to these instructions. Once you’ve done that, simply drag them into the Tones section in iTunes and sync your phone.

Please let us know in the comments if we’ve screwed anything up or if these are somehow not working. Also please let us know if you want the rest of the alphabet or if this was just a tremendous waste of time. Enjoy.