The Chop Approves of Fox River Gloves

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It’s no secret that the Chop is a big fan of woolen garments. We’re practically one quarter sheep on our mother’s side. Jackets, overcoats, even chunky socks; we wear it all, all Winter long.

Strangely though we’ve never been much on gloves. We’re they type whose prone to leave one glove behind when we go out, so for the longest time we were in the habit of just jamming our hands in our pockets and leaving them there. Any warmth a glove provided was always offset by the need to take it off to play with our phone or fiddle with out keys or whatever.


But then we started bicycling everywhere. When you’re barreling down Falls road at 20 mph and the first thing exposed to the January wind is the backs of your hands you learn your lesson quickly and you go buy yourself some gloves.

For us that meant popping into Sixteen Tons on the Avenue in Hampden and picking up a pair of these fingerless ragg wool gloves from Fox River. Not pictured is the beaded grip attached to the palm which makes them an excellent choice for cycling, allowing us to both keep a steady grip on the bars as well as get a fine and secure feel for the brake levers.

But we soon found we were wearing them just as often off the bike. Despite being fingerless they’re plenty warm, and because they’re fingerless they allow us to slip our hands in and out of pockets easily and play with our phone at will.

Best of all, for some $15 gloves that took a fair amount of abuse last Winter our pair has held up remarkably well. Having dusted them off recently they’re ready for another season of wear, and go well with everything from our best suit to our most ragged jacket.

A word to the wise: Sixteen Tons recently re-stocked these gloves for 2013 in both fingerless and fingered varieties. If you need a pair of gloves you can’t do much better than this, and if you need a great sub-$20 gift for any man in your life these gloves will make an outstanding selection.