Scooter Squad: A Stroke of Genius

During our recent stay in Nashville we had a pretty easy time getting around. Their bike share program was great, and we took several rides a day each day we were there and paid only $10 for the week. We also got our fill of the free Music City Circuit bus and even managed to save a cool $30 by taking an MTA bus to the airport on the way home.

But today we want to tell you about Nashville’s most clever transportation solution by far: the Scooter Squad.

scooter squad

Here’s how it works- You take your own car down to the bars some night and drink as much George Dickel as humanly possible. Then at 2 am when you’re totally shithoused and you realize it’s only Thursday and you need to get to work tomorrow in your car you call the Scooter Squad and they send a completely sober individual out to meet you on a small, foldable motor scooter.

This person arrives at the curb where you parked, spreads a large bag out on the sidewalk, puts their folded scooter inside it, puts it in your trunk and then drives you home from the bar in your own car! They’ll even drive your drunk ass through Taco Bell and stop at 7-11 if you want them to. Then when you arrive safely in your driveway they unfold their scooter and putter away.

We know! it’s like a miracle, right??? And not only are you not driving drunk, not stranding your car, and not liable for possible parking violations the next day, but the whole thing is actually cheaper than a cab.

That is to say… cheaper than a round-trip cab ride, which you would be paying either way. Cab it home at night and you’re probably cabbing it back in the morning to get your car. With a $12 pick-up fee and $3 per mile, a hypothetical trip from Cross Street Market to Hampden would cost about $27. Definitely cheaper than cabbing both ways.

Not only that, but according to their website they’re pretty flexible. You can hire a driver to chauffeur you around in your own car for the night, such as for a bachelor party, or for things like dropping your car off at the mechanic or even the airport. They even run a shuttle car to retrieve their drivers from long-distance drop offs, so it’s not just for city folks who live in scooter range.

Needless to say, whoever came up with this idea is a true genius and a friend to the drinking man everywhere. After all, the best way to end drunk driving is to get drunk drivers off the road, and the Squad is out there doing just that every night. If we had the startup capital we would actively pursue a Baltimore franchise. If you’re in Charm City and you’ve got the coin to open an office and buy a car and a few scooters and some insurance we hope you’ll make it happen. If these guys want to set up shop in Baltimore directly, we’d welcome them with open arms.