Flicks From The Hill, Mondo Balto Tonight

Tis the season for free outdoor movies in Baltimore. July and August bring screening series’ to Fell’s Point, the AVAM, and Little Italy on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays respectively. The Flicks From the Hill series is our favorite of the three, and tonight they’re showing one of the Chop’s all-time favorites, Raising Arizona.

Not only is Raising Arizona the best Nicholas Cage movie, in our view it’s just about the only good Nic Cage movie. The film starts at dark, but we’ll be showing up early for a good spot with a blanket, a bottle and a basket.

But if it rains, or if you just so happen to prefer bad movies to good ones you can also head out to the Windup Space tonight for this month’s Mondo Baltimore.

If you didn’t get your fill of shark schlock with Sharknado, tonight’s feature is Jaws: The Revenge. Which was the third sequel and went straight to cable. Show up early to see a collection of the best shots of smart animals attacking dumb people.