Pasties of Perversion @ Windup Space Tonight

Every city has its own fun little games that the locals like to play. Buffalo has ‘Spot the Canadian.’ Boston has ‘Get wicked drunk and yell in the street all night until someone picks a fight.’ LA has Breast Implant Bingo, and in Baltimore we have the grandest game of all… The John Waters sighting game.

Everyone loves the John Waters sighting game, but if you’re new in town here’s how you play: go about your daily life until you see John Waters. When you see him, play it cool. Don’t fawn and gush and ask him to sign your vintage back issues of Stallion Magazine. Then when he goes in the other room or whatever you freak out and blast it all over Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and text all your friends.

You may be able to spot John Waters at the Windup Space tonight. 9 pm.

You can spot John Waters just about anywhere. Atomic Books, the Ottobar, or even at a CVS or Wawa. You might even pick him up on the side of the road someplace. But an especially likely place to spot him would be at the Windup Space tonight.

Baltimore’s Gilded Lily Burlesque has put together a star-studded tribute to John Waters called Pasties of Perversion that will take the stage tonight.

Performers from up and down the East Coast will be performing routines created especially for the occasion and based on Pink Flamingos, Crybaby, Female Trouble and the rest, along with live music by Garage Sale and vending by Hampden shops Sugar and the Bottom Drawer.

We can’t say for sure that Waters will be in the house, but if someone were throwing a burlesque tribute to you, wouldn’t you at least show up to watch it?


Windup Space is located at 12 W. North Avenue in Station North. Doors at 8 pm, show at 9:00. $15.