The Couch Chronicles, Volume XIII

We’ve spent a lot of time lately talking about designing our living room and all the new furniture we got from Su Casa, and especially our new sofa from Pad. We’ve been taking part in their Test it, Blog it, Win it contest, and while we’ve had a lot of fun decorating and arranging furniture and showing off a little on the blog, we’re supposed to be testing the sofa, whatever that means.

So tonight we’re putting the sofa to one of the most important tests a couch can endure: we’re going to sleep on it all night long. Not only that, but in a Baltimore Chop first we’re going to be live-blogging the whole thing in real time.

Now we know what you’re probably thinking: How are you going to blog while you’re asleep dummy? That sounds boring. But don’t think of it as a guy laying perfectly still on a sofa for 10 hours or so. Think of it as a super-fun cyber slumber party and you’re all invited. Come on… spend a night with the Chop.

This is what our sofa looks like around 7 pm, before we settle in for the night.

9:45 pm- Post is live. The Orioles just lost 5-0 to the Mets again. As good as they’ve been, their Achilles heel still seems to be premiere pitching and Dickey and Santana are two of the best in the majors. But this is a sofa blog and not a baseball blog so we’ll let it go at that.

10:02 pm- Haha. The cushions and pillows stack nicely in the console table. Almost like it’s by design.

10:20 pm- If you ever get drunk and crash on the Chophouse couch, this is about what you can expect…

10:23 pm- I guess I can’t liveblog and watch netflix at the same time. Bummer, cause Comcast on demand sucks.

10:27 pm- This couch is so deep with the cushions off it’s ridiculous. Not breaking out the tape measure but it looks like about thirty inches.

10:30 pm- The Republican has a real job to wake up for and probably thinks this whole thing is absurd. Meh.

10:35 pm-
Screw it. I’m turning on the air conditioner before I go to sleep. I’m already on the record about that.

10:42 pm- Maybe this whole experiment would be more interesting and engaging and draw a ton of comments if it included an open letter to Emily White.

10:57 pm- Oh snap. Short notice but maybe 24 hours from now I’ll be watching Believerx.

11:01 pm- Time to watch the Daily Show.

11:03 pm- Laptops in bed are clunky. Is this why Jesus Jobs invented the iPad? So you never have to be off the interwebs?

11:13 pm- Haters gonna hate on my cheapo lamp, but it does put out a nice soft and diffuse light…

11:28 pm- You know that 10,000 word link I posted at 10:42? Now I’m reading yet another long-winded screed about it. At least it’s good to know that this couch is good for sitting around reading the minutae of complaints by old dudes who used to be cool in varying degrees. Speaking of which, have you RSS’ed this blog yet?

11:40 pm-So here’s the link. Travis Morrisson (Who I like and respect quite a bit) says he stole the fuck out of some music as a kid. Honestly, what the armchair ethicists fail to realize is that not everything worth downloading is worth paying for. Just because you’ve got 11,000 songs in your library doesn’t mean you would have bought around 1100 albums. You might as well tear down every public library while you’re at it.

This blog’s view is that you haven’t really “stolen” a record until you’ve listened to it a certain number of times. Maybe enough to start singing along. Perhaps instead of a Spotify-like system the best solution is an ‘exploding download,’ kind of along the freemium model that is catching on elsewhere online. Think of an album like an app… you download the free trial version, and if you enjoy it you cough up for the paid version. If the technology isn’t out there today, it can’t be far off.

11:54 pm- And paying attention to all that made me miss a bit on Colbert about Ann Romney’s dressage horse. If you think liveblogging a sofa is absurd, google Ann Romney’s dressage horse. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

12:03 am- Can I watch Tosh.0 and look at goofy stuff on the internet at the same time? Is that safe or will it open some kind of wormhole?

12:04 am- Even though the arms on this couch are low-profile, they’re not all bad for leaning up against. good to know.

12:08 am- apparently there’s going to be a new DIY venue with a clever name in DC. I picked an interesting night to stay online late I guess.

12:17 am-
Why’s the iCloud trying to play me out like as if my name was Sega?

12:25 am- The only dude more laid-out and relaxed than I am on this couch right now is Hosni Mubarak. (What? Since when is it not okay to make fun of iron-fisted dictators?)

12:26 am- I’ve been to Egypt. It sucks.

12:40 am-
Trying not to go for the Ben and Jerry’s Red Velvet Cake ice cream that’s in the freezer. Probably going to fail.

12:50 am-
Yep. tempting fate by eating ice cream and drinking red wine on the new furniture. The couch is super stain resistant polyester fabric. The white wool rug on the other hand…

1:03 am- I didn’t eat the whole pint. I’m not a Secret Internet Fatty I swear.

1:13 am- Oh yeah. Almost forgot. Jen Wasner and Dirty Projectors on Jimmy Fallon. Might as well watch that. Hopefully this brings us one step closer to getting Future Islands on Saturday Night Live. #FIonSNL

1:28 am- Fallon dragged out a Black Church bit with Cedric the Entertainer for way too long… all up in an audience full of lily white Red State tourists. Well done, Jimmy. Nice and awkward.

1:38 am- Ohhhhh. So that’s why I never bothered to listen to Dirty Projectors. Because they’re like hipster Gotye or whatever. Meh.

1:42 am- Flat on my back. This couch is firm and puffy. Like laying across two giant marshmallows. Plenty of room for stretching out. Even though I’m pretty tall I can stretch out without hitting the arms of the couch.

1:45 am- Not gonna be awake much longer. Goodnight moon. Goodnight, internet.

11:15 am- Well, this couch and I, we made it through the night…

11:40 am-If this couch has any faults it’s probably that it’s too comfortable. I really shouldn’t be sleeping until nearly noon, but the fact that I can is a testament to how cozy this couch actually is. It’s actually wide enough to sleep with my knee at a right angle and toss and turn and roll over and everything else. In fact, it’s more comfortable than any of the beds we’ve ever slept on the beds we’ve slept on while traveling.

The next time we have an overnight guest here at the Chophouse, they should count themselves luck that they’ll get to sleep on this couch.

This post is part of our entry in the Test it, Blog it, Win it contest. You can see the before pictures, track our living room’s design progress, and read all of the posts in this series here.