Kind of Like Spitting @ Casa Fiesta Tonight

If you were to walk up to us and say “Hey Chop, who’s your favorite band?” We would say Kind of Like Spitting. If you were to say “No, I mean like, really your favorite, favorite of all time?” We”d look you square in the eye and say without any hesitation “Kind of Like Spitting.”

We had heard Nothing Makes Sense Without It shortly after it was released in 2000 and thought it was a great record. It’s still a great record. Maybe our favorite record. Later that year we saw Ben Barnett perform those songs solo at the Sidebar and we were hooked. At the risk of sounding incredibly corny, it’s like the Minutemen said: “This is Bob Dylan to me.”

KOLS Has been our favorite band ever since. Roommate became their point man locally, and whenever they toured he’d book their Baltimore shows. They were the only band we’d allow to stay at the house. We even made trips to Philly and NYC to catch extra sets. We thought we’d seen the last of them when Ben called it quits in 2006.

We’re going to forgo any in-depth analysis of KOLS’ music or any editorializing about what Portland Oregon was 10 or more years ago and what it is now. We’re going to skip the essay about emotional honesty in indie rock and a point-by-point critique of the scene. And we’re going to spare you the personal stories about all the shit that listening to this band helped us get through (and still helps us get through) and the memories of all the times we’ve seen them play before.

We’re getting a Zipcar and going to DC to watch a broken-up band play a Mexican restaurant on a Monday night. That should tell you all you need to know about how much we love Kind of Like Spitting.

This show is a benefit for the family of Anthony Poynter, who passed away after struggling with cancer in March of this year. The Max Levine Ensemble, Priests, and Michael Cantor also play. There is a $7-$10 suggested donation, with additional donations also being accepted at the show.


Casa Fiesta is at 4910 Wisconsin Ave. NW in Washington DC, neat Fort Reno Park and the Tenleytown Metro. 6:30 doors, show at 7:30.