Early Summer: Our Bi-Weekly Political Roundup

Summer is a notoriously dull time in American political life. Congress makes ready to recess and does even less than usual. The Fourth of July inspires even the hardest partisans to hate each other a little less and the King of England a little more, and even in an election year the President is mostly traveling on business or vacationing or doing behind-the-scenes campaign stuff.

This year it’s almost as if the dog days of Summer have come early. Now that Romney has the GOP nomination in hand and George Zimmerman has been arrested and charged, the two biggest stories in US politics have somewhat less urgency behind them. The re-ignition of the Mommy Wars was a non-starter and the Secret Service and GSA scandals aren’t really the kind of thing that pundits (and smarmy local bloggers) like to make hay about. It’s almost veepstakes time, but it’s still really way too early for all of that to begin in earnest.

Political Silly Season is almost here, but no one’s actually being silly yet. So we have no one to make fun of here on the blog. We also have no one to make fun of at tonight’s Drinking Liberally meeting at Liam Flynn’s Ale House. Maybe we’ll just spend the whole evening talking about the Orioles.

Speaking of silliness, Ron Paul is still a candidate for president. Speaking of baseball, here is some footage of Ron Paul playing in the Democrats vs. Republicans congressional baseball game of 1983 with Barney Frank providing color commentary about gynecology:


The Baltimore Chapter of Drinking Liberally meets at Liam Flynn’s tonight from 7 pm until whenever. Meetings are free and open to the public. Liam Flynn’s is located at 22 W. North Ave in Station North.