Rocky Votolato, Matt Pond @ Black Cat Tonight

So there’s a good show going on tonight. It’s Rocky Votolato and Matt Pond at the Black Cat.

But it’s Tuesday, which means you’ve got to ask yourself the same question you always have to ask when there are good shows in DC during the week, namely: Do I really feel like driving all the way down there on a weeknight? It can be a tough one. On one hand, you might have a blast and see a great show. On the other hand, you might have to wait around so long for doors that you get bored and go home before the show starts and get a parking ticket for your trouble, which happened to us when we went to see Grant Hart recently.

So instead of explaining the pros and cons of driving, and of these two particular artists, we’ve drawn up a handy infographic using some of the bands about which we’ve blogged previously. Using these bands as fixed graduations, you can find where any other band will fit in the scale, and determine whether they’re worth driving to DC for.

As you can see, we wouldn’t trouble to drive that far for a Matt Pond show, but we like Rocky Votolato enough to make the trek, so it’s a go for tonight. Being a west-coaster with a wife and kids in a time when singer songwriters are decidedly out of fashion, Rocky V doesn’t come around too often. We say catch him while you can.

And if you want to wear a knit cap and a knapsack and rock on your heels and tap your chest in the back and be reminded of that girl you were really into who dumped you during that crummy year back in community college, well, go ahead. We won’t tell anybody.