What Are You Sitting Around For? Let’s Go Out Drinking!

Okay Baltimore. Have you learned your lesson yet? Have you maybe finally figured out that you deserve that hangover? That quality always outstrips quantity? That nobody wants to kiss you and you’re not Irish?

We hope so.

After spending most of yesterday at home with roommate drinking Scotch whisky, and toasting the health of the Queen of England, we’re heading out to take the town by the balls. Even though there’s fuck-all going on in town tonight, the Chop will not be deterred.

If you need me I'll be at the downtown office.

We figure its an ideal Thursday for a good old-fashioned Fells Point bar crawl. That’s right… we’re leaving the cozy confines of North Baltimore and hitting up all of our downtown favorites; Blarney Stone, Bad Decisions, Wharf Rat, Pearl’s (yeah, Pearl’s suckas!) Maybe even go by Fletcher’s, Henninger’s, and Pete’s. Its possible we’ll even do dinner at Asahi or Meli. Even though there’s no more Friends’, we’re still looking forward to playing some tracks on the jukebox.

And we’re gonna find out what you did yesterday Baltimore. Straight from the horse’s (read: bartenders’) mouth. We’re going get all the dirty details and gritty gossip. It’s gonna be juicier than Melrose Place.