Decadent Chop

It’s sometimes strange living as a man of leisure. Its easy to fall out of sync with the rest of the world. When the rest of the city is hating Monday and wanting to pass out with fatigue at night, we’re restless and looking for fun. When its Friday rush hour and everyone else is cursing traffic and hitting happy hour, we’re doing Sunday chores like vacuuming. Tuesday is date night and Wednesday is social.

So it is with Saturday. We don’t know what you all are up to tonight, but we might, maybe, finally spend a rare night in. (Or we might holler at Egg Babies at the Ottobar, since we had an invite from a very old friend.)

This weekend ought to be a good one to stay home, now that we have the new bedroom set, which we really can’t get over… it feels like spending the night in a hotel every night, but a really nice hotel that we can’t usually afford. We’ve even got the armchair and ottomans set up in the bay window along with the new flatscreen, and we’re buying curtains today as well. Tres chic.

The blogosphere takes the weekend off too. You’re not even reading this, apparently. We’re still new at this. We didn’t know it. No one told us. But we figured it out last weekend, and since Roommate is way better at buying DVD’s than we are, we’ve got no shortage of stuff waiting to be watched. Up in the Air, 500 Days of Summer, 30 Rock, Mad Men, and The Wire. Yeah, the Chop hasn’t actually seen any of those. Stop mocking. While y’all were watching TV, we were traveling the world and painting the town. It’s time for us to catch up.

So we’re gonna fire up the DVD player, run by the Wine Source, and figure out what to do with all these vegetables we’re buying this morning at the Waverly Farmers’ Market.

Sounds nice for a change.