What Would Jesus Buy @ Windup Space Tonight


When the Chop started up earlier this week, we wanted to make a blog to tell you what we’re actually doing. We really are running wild in the streets now, and life moves faster than the speed of blog.

You won’t read any posts here about how the Chop sat on the couch all day and watched football and played with his cat and did the dishes. That’s not how we roll.

We’ve got the opposite problem, at least this week. We’re having a hard time picking events, and don’t know whether to drop them all on you in one post, or separate posts.

First things first though. And by first, we mean tonight.

What Would Jesus Buy? Sandals.... or a PS3.

Tonight the Chop will be showing up early to catch happy hour and secure a good seat at the Windup Space for a free screening of What Would Jesus Buy? , presented by the Action! Film Series.
The screening comes just in time for the kickoff of Christmas Shopping season too. With each passing year though, the Chop favors Christmas shopping less and less. The truth is that the Chop’s family members are all quite content, and at this point in life anything we could give or receive from close friends and family is little more than a token.

There’s also the fact that last year we celebrated Christmas in Freetown, Sierra Leone, drinking fifty cent beers, listening to steel drums at a street festival on a balmy night. Nothing like an African Xmas for a little perspective.

There’s also some business about a discussion afterward with representatives from local businesses, but we’re thinking we might just slide out early on that. After all, we’re taking the Part Time Professor as our date, and she’ll likely be impressed by the new furniture at the house, since she did sit on lawn chairs in the living room last time she was here.

I’m impressed by that furniture too. Its a wonder I even go out at all anymore… especially since I could stay at home and watch the whole movie for free online
at snagfilms.com.