Netflix Queue Review: October 2013

Now that October is (almost) here Fall is definitely upon us. The days are now getting shorter daylight-wise and the nights are beginning to turn chilly. And alas, with the end of baseball season we’ve got 3 hours or more to fill every night until Opening Day. If you’re like the Chop, you’re going to […]

TV Party Tonight, Part II

A week ago today we told you about the Apple TV we recently hooked up in our living room. It’s a love/hate relationship so far, and it’s still developing. Instead of going whole hog and Applefying every TV in the house we decided to Pick up a Vizio Co-Star box for the bedroom and pit […]

TV Party Tonight

Around the Chophouse we don’t typically do a lot of TV watching. At least, not a lot of prime-time TV watching. We like to watch the O’s of course, and more than a healthy dose of MSNBC although that’s mostly just background noise. Other than that we like a little Comedy Central before bed but […]