About As Socratic as the Internet Gets

Back in June certain corners of the Internet went into a minor frenzy for about a week when NPR published an article by one of its 20 year old interns about how she owns tens of thousands of songs and didn’t pay for any of them and wants instant access to everything ever recorded for […]

Lower Dens @ Ottobar Tomorrow

Sometimes writing blog posts about bands is easy. Sometimes you know the band well and they’ve been doing some interesting things and there’s a natural angle to take and the post writes itself. Sometimes it’s pretty hard. Occasionally there’s nothing to say about a band except ‘hey, they’re playing and they’re pretty good.’ And sometimes, […]

Lower Dens @ Kennedy Center Millenium Stage Today

We’re going to go ahead and call it right now: 2011 will be the year of Lower Dens. Remember how Future Islands picked up 2010 by the throat and choke-slammed it? We think that’s exactly what Lower Dens is about to do to 2011. After spending last year releasing their well-received Twin Hand Movement and […]