Angry Samoans @ Sidebar Tonight

Longtime readers of this blog will note that we’re generally not interested in nostalgia acts. It’s always been our feeling that any band’s useful lifespan is about 8 years, and you can maybe tack on two years to the front or back of that for garage days and farewell tours- but in no wise should a band really exist for more than a dozen years. Case in point- The Pixies. Just stop already. It’s embarrassing for all of us.

Tonight’s show at the Sidebar may be an exception though. We’ve got a lot more patience for punk bands that actually tour like punk bands: in a van, playing punk venues, charging a few bucks at the door and not trying to pawn off watered down new material at the merch table.

All indications are that Angry Samoans is doing the old-band thing right. Get an up-and-coming, fun-to-play-with band like Downtown Brown to make all the tour dates with you, find an outstanding local act like Ravagers to warm up the crowd, and let a promising new band like Cult Control make its debut and you’ve got a formula for a pretty great show.

Doors at 8. Rock all night.