Bike Block Party @ Baltimore Streetcar Museum Today

If there’s one thing every Baltimorean should own it’s a good calendar. Every time you turn around there’s a First Thursdays or a Final Fridays or a T-Shirt Tuesdays or some such thing. It’s quite a task to keep track of all of the various events that neighborhoodsy civic type associations like to put on.

And frankly most of them are kind of boring. We like the First Fridays in Hampden because all the stores give away free beer, but other than that there’s not much draw. We wouldn’t go very far out of our way for any kind of third-Turdsday event because they’re mostly dull.

But tonight’s Final Friday in Station North will probably not be dull.

The poster has most of the pertinent info, so we’re not going to repeat it all here because there’s quite a bit of it. We’re just going to say that it sounds like a fun way to check out the Baltimore Streetcar Museum if you’ve never seen it before.

It’s also just down the road from the sadly dilapidated Round Falls site we wrote about earlier this week. We would encourage cyclists citywide to take a moment to check out the spot for themselves, as well as to file requests for cleanup via the City’s 311 mobile app, which we’ve already done.

Tonight’s block party also coincides with the Charles Street Friday Market, making it a doubly good excuse to drink beer during the day on public streets. Bring your NPR tote bag and make sure your bike has a basket and you can stock up on fresh veggies and whatnot.

Finally, if you live anywhere between Hampden, Mayfield, and Fell’s Point the Baltimore Bike Party is going to be passing close to your house. Check out their route map for June and let them ride you home, or stick with the group all the way to the ride’s endpoint at Dogwatch Tavern.

Baltimore Streetcar Museum is located at 1901 Falls Road in Station North.