The Chop’s Souvenir Giveaway Contest

Well, we’ve returned from poaching giant sea turtles on Ascension Island just in time for our birthday weekend, and all of the well wishes and liquor and cake has us in a generous, giving mood.

Everything in the gift shop had a turtle on it. Everything.

Roommate is officially gone from the Chophouse, and with him went the cable and internet access which were in his name, and which he had been paying for per our agreement. It’s kind of hard to write a daily blog without the internet, so regular postings will remain suspended while we wait impatiently for the Comcast installer to show up late this week. in the meantime, please be pleased to occupy yourselves with our first ever BLOG GIVEAWAY CONTEST.

We bought an extra souvenir on our trip to Ascension, and we’ll be giving it away to one lucky Chopper. this shot glass (pictured, approximate retail value £2.) could be all yours. All you need to do to enter is to leave a comment under this entry naming the most exotic place to which you’ve ever traveled. If you’ve never been anywhere more exotic than say, Delaware, then just put that. The winner will be chosen at random. We’ll contact the winner by email, and send you the glass via US mail.