On Modern Music and Digital Discovery

The Chop is probably not your typical music fan in many ways. The great majority of our social life has revolved around music for twenty years now, yet we’ve never really bothered to pick up an instrument. Our record collection count stands at zero, yet we’ve never really embraced digital discovery either. Most of what’s […]

Netflix Queue Review: November 2013

As the weather gets colder and the rain begins to come down a bit more often it’s a good time of year to be inside watching movies. And just as we start to think about putting some funds aside for the holidays and whatnot the idea of shelling out twelve bucks to go to the […]

Netflix Queue Review: October 2013

Now that October is (almost) here Fall is definitely upon us. The days are now getting shorter daylight-wise and the nights are beginning to turn chilly. And alas, with the end of baseball season we’ve got 3 hours or more to fill every night until Opening Day. If you’re like the Chop, you’re going to […]