Sherwood Gardens

We feel kind of silly admitting this, but before this weekend we had never heard of Sherwood Gardens, even though we live close enough to walk there easily. Obviously, we haven’t been paying very much attention. We live nearby to Guilford, and we go through there all the time, but we’d never gone right by […]

Rooftop Drinking in NYC

With the advent of regular Boltbus service from Penn Station, New York City has gotten a lot closer in the last couple years. Honestly, if you’ve never been on the Boltbus, try it. When you factor in everything involved, their service to NYC is actually faster than flying and much cheaper and easier than driving […]

Bright Socks Season Is Finally Here

When the Chop came home and opened up our wardrobe after months abroad wearing mostly work clothes we came to a shocking realization… it’s pretty bland. That’s not to say it’s boring- there’s some pretty nice stuff in our closet, but one thing that’s not in there is a whole lot of color. Our favorite […]

Doggie Dining: Dogs to be Allowed at Maryland Restaurants

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The Ten Best Unpopular Highballs

It’s officially Spring in Baltimore. The good news is that Flowermart and Preakness are right around the corner. The bad news is that Spring also means household chores and Spring cleaning. There is a silver lining though, and it is that Spring cleaning also means cleaning out your home bar. If you’re like us, you’ve […]