The Top 6 Things We Missed in Our 6 Months at Sea

We’ve been out of town a long time. So long that we’re still not quite up to speed. It’s going to take your old Chop at least one day for every month away from Charm City to get back on track. As we said just the other day, a sailor leaves, comes home and strives […]

The Long Cold Winter Begins @ Camden Yards Today

Sigh. Sigh sigh eyeroll. We don’t feel like writing a post about the goddamned ball club. Mainly because we have nothing to say about them. There’s nothing to say about them. Even a constantly talking bloviating blowhard can sum it up in 140 characters. This is the kind of team that you can’t even talk […]

Opening Day 2011 @ Camden Yards Today

We hate to naysay. Oh wait… no we don’t. We do it all the time. Like right now when we say that the Orioles will not break 70 wins again this year. We’re not one of these fancy schmancy analytical sabermetric blogs, so we’ll just give it to you in a nutshell. Aside from having […]

Orioles Opening Day @ Camden Yards Today

Like we said way back in December, Opening Day is the real New Years’. The Baltimore Chop could scarcely be more excited for the season. Not because we expect great things on the field, or because we have great seats, or even because the weather is gorgeous. No. We’re excited merely because when the lights […]