Roomrunner Record Release @ Metro Gallery Tonight

We should probably use this space to give a very thoughtful and considered review of Roomrunner’s long anticipated Ideal Cities LP, which was released yesterday on Fan Death Records. At this point it would behoove us to give you a full background of the band and a proper context in which to listen to what […]

About As Socratic as the Internet Gets

Back in June certain corners of the Internet went into a minor frenzy for about a week when NPR published an article by one of its 20 year old interns about how she owns tens of thousands of songs and didn’t pay for any of them and wants instant access to everything ever recorded for […]

Shellac @ Sonar Tonight

You gotta go see Shellac tonight. Among the many reasons why you gotta go see Shellac tonight is because you’ve probably never seen them before, and the smart money says you’ll probably never see them again. After all, even though they’ve been around forever, they’re not exactly banging down the door for the title of […]