South Carey, Max Levine Ensemble @ Golden West Tonight

We were really looking kind of hard for something to say about tonight’s show. Off With Their Heads is coming to the Golden West. We don’t have too much to say about them because we’re not very familiar with them. They’re a punk band on Epitaph so it’s like “What do you think they sound […]

Cheap Girls, Crimes @ Golden West Tonight

It used to be hard to discover new music. Back when underground music was, um, underground- hell, back when you could use the term ‘underground music’ without sounding like someone’s dad it took a lot to discover music that wasn’t on the radio. It usually involved knowing someone who was cooler than you were, stocking […]

Kind of Like Spitting @ Casa Fiesta Tonight

If you were to walk up to us and say “Hey Chop, who’s your favorite band?” We would say Kind of Like Spitting. If you were to say “No, I mean like, really your favorite, favorite of all time?” We”d look you square in the eye and say without any hesitation “Kind of Like Spitting.” […]