The Chop Joins a Gym

Yes Baltimore, it’s true. We can hardly believe it either. This weekend your Chop submitted to one of the final and most overt symptoms of adulthood. On top of paying a mortgage and actively pursuing an 800 credit score and doing yard work and playing golf we’ve gone and joined a gym. It’s like we […]


With the whole Derecho Debacle and the Fourth of July falling on a Wednesday, this week has turned into pretty much a nine day weekend for a lot of folks. Even if you weren’t lucky enough to get 9 days off, it’s a good bet you’re slacking pretty hard this week and taking at least […]

Cig Kofte: The Only Good Turkish Food

When we were traveling recently, we were able to sample a lot of great cuisine in Israel. Unfortunately for us, Turkey did not prove nearly as appetizing. Turkish food is unique and exotic, but as a vegetarian there was very little for us to choose from among the Kebap, Tantuni, Biftek, Doner That are omnipresent […]