Stop Doing Yoga In Public

Maybe it has to do with the coming of Spring and the warming of the weather lately. Maybe it has to do with us waking up earlier and actually leaving the house before happy hour once in a while. Maybe it’s just a natural rise in general douchebaggery. For whatever reason, we’ve seen way too […]

A Conditional Approval of Straw Hats

Please understand: we are very wary about endorsing hats as a point of style. Very few people can pull them off in the modern era without affectation, and where you see a fedora or trilby anywhere in the media, you can bet one of America’s biggest douchebags is under it. However, as Hunter S. Thompson […]

God Save the Queen!

Today is Saint Patrick’s day, Baltimore. It’s that most drunk and sloppy of meaningless phony holidays which are completely insignificant and thoroughly unenjoyable. We’re already on record as being against drinking holidays and the rabble they produce as a matter of principle, and all of this green and phony-baloney Irish crap doesn’t sway our opinion […]