Sauerkraut for Thanksgiving: A Baltimore Tradition

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us. For those of us who are Baltimore natives preparing a Thanksgiving table means getting a Turkey, and most likely a ham as well, along with stuffing and corn and yams and all, and of course, the pièce de résistance of the true Maryland Thanksgiving repast, Polish sausage and sauerkraut. Most […]

TV Party Tonight, Part II

A week ago today we told you about the Apple TV we recently hooked up in our living room. It’s a love/hate relationship so far, and it’s still developing. Instead of going whole hog and Applefying every TV in the house we decided to Pick up a Vizio Co-Star box for the bedroom and pit […]

The Chop Buys a Nest

We told you yesterday how we’ve finally and completely given in to Adulthood and joined a health club. The thing about adulthood though is that once you give in and accept it you find yourself becoming really excited about things that used to seem mundane. Like thermostats. So at the risk of sounding just like […]

Five Fall Soups for Vegetarians (and Everyone Else)

Here at the Chophouse we like to cook. Whether it’s something as simple as putting together a good sandwich or as complicated as laying out a four course dinner for six, we do more high quality home cooking than the average bachelor. When the Fall rolls around, we really kick it into high gear. Once […]