The Chop Launches a New Site

It’s been nearly five years since I left Baltimore. At this point I’m still not feeling homesickness. But I am feeling wanderlust.

I’ve decided to launch a new site that will take the form of a travel blog. It’s called Where’s the Ice Machine. You can find it at The first post is a look at the current state of the travel blog industry. I want to take a different direction than the influencers and points and miles bloggers who dominate the space.

I’m still tweaking things around the edges, but the site now has more than 50 posts upon publishing. I’ve come to the point where I need to get the search engines crawling over there and can’t keep it under construction forever.

I’m going to be traveling often over the next several years. I’ll be posting content from all over the world. If you enjoyed the Chop, I think you’ll enjoy this site as well and I hope you’ll follow along.