E.T. Screening @ Patterson Park Tonight

Something happened after Hampdenfest. It hit us that all of a sudden the Summer was over. Like for real over. It’s starting to get dark a bit earlier and the air conditioners are about to come out of the windows. We’re wearing cardigans. And one of our favorite Baltimore pastimes, Summer outdoor movie season is officially over.

Well, almost over. This year Summer movies are stretching into Fall as the Friends of Patterson Park and Verde are presenting two upcoming features in the park extension at Ellwood Ave and Bank St. On October 4 they’ll be showing Muppets Take Manhattan and tonight’s selection is ET.

ET is pretty much a rock-solid, can’t-miss, foolproof choice for an event like this. It’s one of those classics like Goonies or Gremlins or the Princess Bride that’s great for kids but equally enjoyable for adults. We haven’t seen it since we were a wee young Chop going to the dollar movies at North Point, so we’re excited to see how it’s held up.

But really they could screen just about anything and we’d show up to watch it, because in a lot of ways the worst thing about Summer outdoor movie season is the ‘Summer’ part. Summer is gross. There are mosquitoes. There’s humidity. You’re already sweaty by the time you arrive. The heat saps the appetite and you end up having Natty Boh for dinner. Gross.

So tonight we’ll bring a blanket without feeling like wool is too heavy and awful to sit on. We’ll even bring a sweater. We’ll bring a date and actually be able to sit close because it’s not 90 degrees out at 10 pm. Hell, we’ll probably even bring a jug of cider and some pumpkin fritters and peach tarts cause we’re spending all day today going apple picking and doing Fall stuff.

But do not be jealous of the Chop’s pumpkin flavored things. Because tonight’s screening is sponsored by Canton’s Verde (#7 in the power rankings) there will be expedited pizza ordering available on site. That’s a pretty clever idea. Show up at 7:30, order up a pie, and have it ready by the time the movie starts.

Truly, the only thing greater than Summer outdoor movie season is Fall outdoor movie season.

(feature image via Universal Pictures)