The Do’s and Don’ts of Ballpark Dates


Now more than ever there are plenty of great date ideas floating around out there. Whether it’s a street festival, a wine tasting, or just something as simple as dinner and a movie there’s a fine art to making things flow smoothly. And one of our personal favorite dates, the ol’ ball-game, is no exception.

It’s no secret that we love spending time at Oriole Park. Whether it’s with friends, a large group outing, dear old dad or a hot date, a baseball game is a great way to spend a summer evening. An MLB game has plenty to offer for both the seasoned fan and the novice just out for a night’s entertainment. But if you or your date tend more toward the latter there are a few things you can do (and avoid doing) to make your night a lot more enjoyable.

Do: Shell out for some decent tickets. There’s nothing worse than spending a hot Friday night date stuck up in the Animal House nosebleeds on Student Night. On the other hand, you don’t want to be crammed behind home plate with a bunch of families. Try one of our picks for best seats in the house and you can’t go wrong.

Don’t: Drink too much. Stay away from Pickles’ Pub, Sliders’ and the Bullpen pre-game. It’s a crowded mess and a bad scene for a date. Resist the temptation to order up a few Bud Heavys and stick to the craft beer stand instead.

Do: Take time to have a walk around the ball park if one or both of you don’t visit often. At the very least a stroll along Eutaw Street, a look at the bullpens and a pop up to the Center Field Rooftop Bar are a must.

Don’t: Take the game too seriously. It’s just baseball. Hopefully you get to see a good game with a fair amount of offense. If not feel free to make general chit-chat throughout the game until runners reach scoring position.

Do: Play along with the scoreboard between innings. Sure it can be hokey and annoying sometimes, but the hot dog race, crab shuffle, guess the year, etc are meant to be fun. Who knows? You might even end up on the Kiss Cam.

Don’t: Show off your encyclopaedic knowledge of baseball. Answer your date’s questions and point out any interesting points or quirks or factiods, but for Veeck’s sake keep it brief.

Do: Make plans to grab a bite before or after the game. You can get a better meal for less money anywhere outside the stadium. Chicken Tenders, Hot Dogs and Nachos aren’t very sexy.

Don’t: make your date walk a mile to free parking. Cough up for a stadium lot or a nearby garage. Better yet… bike to the ball park together.