Hey Remember That Time We Started Bombing Syria?: Our Bi-Weekly Political Roundup

If this all feels a little too familiar it should. We did it in Iraq and it was a disaster. Then we did it in Libya and while it wasn’t a disaster, it wasn’t exactly walking on sunshine either. Now we’re about to start bombing another Middle Eastern country, pretty much because we feel like it. Here’s what John Kerry has to say about it.

As much as we’d like to launch into a really long rant right about now we’re not going to do that. We recognize that the use of chemical weapons is horrible and that something should be done. But our votes for Obama were votes for peace, and dropping more bombs on yet another Arab country without congressional approval does not sit well with us at all.

If we’ve got to guess, this won’t be as bad for us as Iraq. (Although it could be. Worst-case scenarios aren’t hard to imagine.) But we also guess that this won’t be as easy as Libya was. So for now we’re going to shut up about it and hope for the best. If you’ve got any opinion on this or anything else to do with Liberal politics, feel free to come on out to Drinking Liberally tonight at 8 pm.

And in a bit of good news, Baltimore’s Drinking Liberally has a new home. Starting tonight the group will be meeting at Dougherty’s on West Chase Street. We think this is a great move because the beer is cheaper, there’s more elbow room, there’s pub grub, and the general atmosphere is much more conducive to quiet conversation. Plus they have pitchers. More bars should have pitchers.