Ted Leo & The Pharmacists @ Ottobar Tonight

So Ted Leo’s playing the Ottobar tonight.

Not really sure what else to say about that. By now you should have formed your own opinion about Monsieur Leo. If you like his music, cool, we’ll see you there. If you don’t, just skip it I guess. If you still don’t have an opinion you should probably show up. If nothing else ol’ Theo Leo has a knack for getting a venue almost full but not quite sold out.

So since we haven’t got much to say here’s a YouTube video we found of Ted Talking to Ian Svenonius about what punk means to him. Worth a listen if you happen to be reading this on your lunch hour or whatever.

Plurals and Crimson Wave also play, and upstairs is everyone’s favorite Twofer Tuesdays. Maybe if we ask real nice they’ll even turn on the Oriole game.