The Chop Rents a Car

It’s been well over a year now since we decided drive our trusty old Chevy down to Crazy Ray’s and let them chop it up. So far it’s gone really well for us. We’ve got no complaints and certainly aren’t going to be car shopping any time soon. A year on a bike has made us healthier, more energetic, and a lot more streetwise.

Still though, you can’t do everything on a bicycle. We’ve been away for more than half a year, and the chores and errands have been piling up on us. The grocery store, the mall, Home Depot… what you can accomplish in a day in a car can take a few weeks without one.

The Chop’s new ride… for a week.

So we decided to rent a car for the week. And not a janky little Korean subcompact but a real-deal-two-tons-of-steel Impala. Because aside from the banal to-do list we’ve got to accomplish this week, we’re looking to have some fun too.

We can’t carry a golf bag on a bike. We can’t pedal out to the far suburbs for a family dinner. And most importantly- we can’t ask a date to sit on our handlebars this weekend. We’re driving.

Because after so many months of lashing cargo, hauling lines, baking in the desert and being tossed on the seas we just need to open her door for her, take the keys from the valet and say to ourselves “If this isn’t nice, what is?”