Teen Witch Screening @ Mondo Baltimore Tonight

If Christmas can be a month-long holiday every year, they why can’t Halloween, huh? Well, it can if you get into the Halloween spirit. There’s nothing stopping you from going on hayrides and carving up pumpkins and walking around spooky old graveyards all month long if you want to.

So consider tonight the first night of Halloween, and kick off the festivities at the Windup Space with the good people of Mondo Baltimore.

Tonight’s program kicks off at 7 pm with Chris LaMartina’s Halloween Goodie Bag. A collection of spooky shorts and scenes put together by the director of such schlock treasures as Witch’s Brew and President’s Day.

The 8 pm feature is 1989’s Teen Witch. Not to be confused with Teen Wolf, or Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Teen Witch is the kind of horrible horror comedy that Mondo Baltimore delivers month in and month out, as you can see from the clip above.

Think you have a better bad movie you’d like to see screened? Then show up in your best (read: worst) costume (zombie Gangnam Style, anyone?), and you could win a chance to choose a future feature for screening at an upcoming Mondo Baltimore.